Picture Honduras Finca Valentina - 12 oz
Honduras Finca Valentina - 12 oz

It’s a long rugged road up to the twin Farms of Finca Valentina and Finca Sophia, but upon arriving it’s already apparent that the terrain traveled is worth every bump. A meticulous farm with some of the most stunning views and impressively organized coffee trees and processing that we’ve ever seen. The Pena family have been growing coffee in Honduras for three generations. They split their farms between the father Bayron who runs Valentina, and his daughter Erika. Part of the spirit that drives the farm is a friendly rivalry. The Winner in this competition is clear, and that is anyone who is lucky enough to taste these sweet sweet coffees that are produced on this land by this truly inspiring family.

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Creamy, Maple Syrup
Origin: Stone Fruit, Creamy, Maple Syrup
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: 088401810091