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Wholesalers and Distributors

Welcome Wholesaler and Distributors

Our customers:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Gourmet/Specialty Stores
  • Local National Chains
  • Larger Gas Stations

Our capabilities:

  • Small batch oil roasting
  • Custom mixes
  • Resealable zip pouch packaging
  • Form fill packaging
  • Variety of sizes of jars
  • Private label
  • Small batch roasting; dry roasting and oil roasting
  • Resealable jars in a wide variety of items and sizes

  • Ordering wholesale from Germack is easy.
  • Free returns on 1st order
  • 60-day payment terms for eligible retailers
  • $100 credit & 1yr free shipping for new customers
  • Same pricing on products as if you ordered direct from Germack
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