Picture Germack Coffee Colombia El Chuzcal Geisha 12oz
Germack Coffee Colombia El Chuzcal Geisha 12oz

Colombia El Finca EL Chuzcal Geisha

What is it that makes an amazing coffee?  This question has way too many answers; and it raises as many queries.  One variable, from a farmer’s perspective, worth exploring is the Varietals they chose to grow. Augusto Triana Cortés and Ciro Néstor Cruz Ricaurte of Finca El Chuzcal for instance grew this Coffee, it is a much sought after Ethiopian heirloom varietal know as Geisha, and it is as beautiful as it sounds. With Genetics harkening back to the very origins of the plant itself the potential is magnificent! When carefully cultivated in an optimal climate (such as the Caldas region in Colombia) and roasted with a delicate touch (such as the Germack Roasting Team)  this coffee showcases some of the most the most delicate and exciting attributes of our favorite plant.

 Notes :Jasmine/Vanilla/ Bergamot

Region--Caldas Colombia

Altitude- 1850

Roast Light

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