Picture Germack Coffee (12 oz.) - Tanzania Shilanga PB (C8)
Germack Coffee (12 oz.) - Tanzania Shilanga PB (C8)

Medium Roast. Caramel - Vanilla - Bright

Coffee is all about collaboration. The AMCOS cooperative, a total of 193 farmers,

(from the villages of Shilanga, Shomola, Welu, Igale and Ichesa) contributed to this

lot. The Peaberry is a naturally occurring mutation where two coffee seeds grow in

one Cherry. Tanzania has long been famous for seperating and creating unique

peaberry lots, but historically the farmers didn't always get the premium they deserved.

This relatively new tradition of farmer to farmer collaboration and generational

knowledge have allowed the cooperative to produce exceptional coffee and also keep

more of the profits to reinvest in their community.


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