Picture Chunk Nibbles Peanut Butter and Chocolate 4.25 oz
Chunk Nibbles Peanut Butter and Chocolate 4.25 oz

Our Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor is a Peanut Butter lover’s MUST HAVE! Our light but creamy peanut butter coating unites crunchy pretzels, corn squares and salty peanuts and is then topped with a delicious chocolatey drizzle. Each chunk contains the perfect amount of creamy, peanut buttery, crunchy, salty snackisfaction. Your taste buds will be salivating and begging for more of this incredible combination of flavors and textures. These treats are impossible to put down and ridiculously satisfying to snack on. You can enjoy them on their own for a little afternoon snack, along side a cup of coffee, in a bowl of milk, or as a topping on your favorite ice cream, yogurt, cupcakes, cakes, etc- the options are endless!

Made in Michigan

Item number
: 860004312826