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Picture Cherry Berry Nut Mix- 8oz Jar
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Cherry Berry Nut Mix- 8oz Jar

8 oz. of raw cashews, dried cranberries, dried cherries, raw almonds, and raw pecans, without any added salt, in a resealable shatterproof jar. Our top selling fruit and nut mix. Our customers rave about the quality and taste of this item! The original Cherry Berry Nut Mix, don't be fooled by imitators - our mix combines the very best and most fresh natural ingredients, just as nature made them. The personal size 8 oz. jar is perfect for your office space as a natural snack instead of a trip to the vending machine.


Ingredients:  raw cashews, dried cranberries (sunflower oil, sugar), dried cherries (sunflower oil, sugar), raw almonds, and raw pecans

Item number
: 08840124089