Frank Germack is the owner of Germack, as you might guess by his name! He and his sister are the third generation of Germacks in this business, and their children are the fourth generation. He was put to work at the nut company from a very early age, cracking pistachios to be easily openable, and eventually operating a hi-lo driver and bean counter. His love of coffee and Germack’s experience with roasting nuts on old coffee roasting equipment helped make the decision to add coffee to the company six years ago easy!

Frank was born in the city the day the Detroit riots started. Though he has lived as far away as Denmark, Detroit has always called him back. His leisure activities include water polo and racquet sports. He looks forward to putting his love of guitar to use by forming a band for a summer tour. He’s a regular at Zeff’s in Eastern Market and loves seeing Germack nuts every time he visits Detroit sports stadiums. You can catch him eating his favorite snack - signature roasted mix nuts.

Bill is the President of Germack Pistachio Co., and his 35 years with the company means he knows all its ins and outs. He grew up in Indiana where he attended Valparaiso University. Now that he’s in Detroit he loves to see the unique combination of the old and new around the city. His life outside of work keeps him busy, as he loves traveling, hiking, biking, and photography.

According to Bill, the best thing to drink is fresh roasted, fresh brewed, black, single origin coffee - recently Guatemala, and you can’t beat the taste of freshly roasted pistachios right out of the roaster.
Wally is Germack Pistachio’s Plant Manager. He has been working at the company for over 30 years now. As a Detroit native, he is a loyal fan of Detroit sports and loves to attend Lion’s and Tiger’s games. He can sometimes be found at the local bowling alley, knocking down pins, or soaking up the summer sun by taking his boat out.

Since he loves to cook, especially foods from his Polish roots, you can trust him as a man of excellent taste when he recommends Germack’s I-75 blend coffee.

Lori, the Director of Sales and Marketing, is a Detroit area native and loves to see how the city is revitalizing. After 19 years Germack, her job covers a lot of ground, including sales and marketing management, generating new business, advertising, and design direction. Every now and then, when she gets away from the hustle and bustle of work, she has a special place in her heart for the chance to pick up a pencil and paper and draw. We are thankful to have her sharp intuition and hard work taking care of so much behind the scenes.

Try Lori’s favorite Germack treats of the moment - garlic pistachios.

Edyta is Office Manager of Germack’s storefronts and cafe. Not everyone who comes into the store gets a chance to meet her, because she runs the behind the scenes, day to day aspects of the cafe and both stores, like scheduling, making sure all the money is in the right place at the right time, handling the website and online orders, and more. She moved to the Detroit area from Gdansk, Poland almost 17 years ago. For nearly 14 of those years, she’s been working for the Germacks in different branches of the company and different roles. When hanging out in Detroit, she likes to visit the riverfront and Belle Isle. Edyta spends time away from work with her husband and two sons. Together, they travel often, to Poland, to ski in the mountains, to bask in the Mexican sunlight, and more. Since she was eight, Edyta has dreamed of traveling to Cambodia after hearing stories of life there from her brother’s school mate, so that is loosely planned for one day in the future! She also loves to bowl, read, and watch movies.

She once was awarded a paper plate award for being the Energizer Buddy, as a powerhouse juggling all her roles at work with being always on the go, making crafts and having adventures, acting as a super-mom to two cool kids. Be like Edyta today by partaking in her drink choice - an orange grove vanilla tea.
Steven, Germack’s Director of Coffee, has been at Germack six years, starting as a barista and working his way into his position as head honcho of caffeine. His ever increasing list of credits includes sourcing, green buying, roasting, sales, cafe management, and more! Germack Coffee couldn’t exist in its full form without him. He is fresh off a trip to Guatemala and Honduras where he was visiting small coffee farms and co-ops like TG Labs, tasting coffees and looking for players in Germack’s future line-ups!

His cosmic hobbies include wandering, alternative aerobics, and cardboard topiary—which is to say that he’s a performance artist and musician in an “exploratory synth punk” Detroit based band, the Imaginatron. His favorite drink at the moment is the Kenya pour over.