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Germack Squash Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, and Other Seeds
Germack's jumbo pumpkin seeds or squash seeds are our all-time top selling item. We roast these seeds in-house (one of only a handful of US companies to do so) and the freshness is unparalleled.  
Our pumpkin seeds need to be shelled prior to eating. 

Pepitas are delicious shelled pumpkin seeds used in trail mixes and salads. 

Sunflower seeds are available roasted and shelled, natural shelled, and in-shell. The in-shell sunflower seeds are a great snack for baseball teams and fans alike.

We offer other seeds that are healthy and/or useful in baking.


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Jumbo Squash Seeds
Price: $3.65
Jumbo Squash Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Price: $2.35
Sunflower Seeds