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This is our specialty! We roast pistachios in-house. The flavor and freshness is unrivaled.  We offer California pistachios roasted and lightly salted, roasted unsalted, in-shell or shelled for you (and recipe ready). We also offer roasted Turkish pistachios that are slightly smaller with a sharper flavor. 

Our spiced pistachios are available in three tempting flavors - garlic, spicy cajun and zesty salt & pepper. Try Castachio Nuts - a combination of cashews and pistachios - in original flavor, cajun chili pepper, and zesty salt & pepper.

Germack "red lip" pistachios are colored a festive red - and make a perfect nostalgic gift for the holidays. Read more about Germack "red lip" pistachios on our history page. 

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Natural Pistachios
Price: $8.20
Natural Pistachios
Shelled Pistachios
Price: $7.10
Shelled Pistachios