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This is our specialty! We roast pistachios in-house. The flavor and freshness is unrivaled.  We offer California pistachios roasted and lightly salted, roasted unsalted, in-shell or shelled for you (and recipe ready). We also offer roasted Turkish pistachios that are slightly smaller with a sharper flavor. We batch roast our nuts to allow for a more even roast and better distribution of any spices.

We hand select our California pistachios directly from smaller farms in California who grow a special variety of pistachio that is more secure in its shell, and often larger than other varieties.  Our pistachios come from the "first shake" of the tree, providing nuts that are of the highest quality and with shells that are open wider than many.

Our spiced pistachios are available in three tempting flavors - garlic, spicy cajun and zesty salt & pepper. Try Castachio Nuts - a combination of cashews and pistachios - in original flavor, cajun chili pepper, and zesty salt & pepper.

Germack "red lip" pistachios are colored a festive red - and make a perfect nostalgic gift for the holidays. Read more about Germack "red lip" pistachios on our history page. 

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