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Germack 3-Pack Jars on QVC

Germack gourmet snack mixes are featured on QVC
in 3-pack jars of your favorites, ready for you to enjoy.

Order the Germack 3-Pack Jars of gourmet snack mixes 
that you've seen on TV right from the QVC website!  

Germack Pretzel Mini Bites Gourmet Medley
(copyrighted image courtesy of QVC)

Germack selections you can find on

- American Harvest Nut & Fruit
- Berry, Nut, & Morsels Gourmet Medley
- Pretzel Mini Bites Gourmet Medley

- 3 packs of Germack Mix, Hawaiian Mix, Zesty Salt & Pepper Cashews,
Deluxe Fancy Mixed Nuts, and much more!