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mixed nuts
Mixed Nuts

Did You Know?

We start with the freshest raw ingredients available, and roast our nuts with pure canola oil. During the roasting process, we lightly salt many of our products for full flavor. The health benefits to you are simple - NO HYDROGENATED OIL, 0 TRANS-FAT, 0 CHOLESTEROL and low saturated fat content. (Our Super Large Whole Cashew Nuts are used for this example, the exact nutritional and fat content of our products vary.)

Germack nuts are cholesterol free and low in saturated fats
* Germack nuts are relatively high in monounsaturated fats, which have been shown to lower blood cholesterol
* Germack nuts are an excellent source of dietary fiber
* Germack nuts are a good source of protein
* Germack nuts contain important vitamins and minerals such as Thiamin, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Copper and Iron

Great Nutrition News! The Wall Street Journal reports:
"For Nut Benefits, More is Better Two handfuls a day may do more to lower cholesterol and triglycerides than one"

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From the Pistachio Health Institute
New research shows health benefits
Pistachios: "All they're cracked up to be"
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From the FDA
The FDA has articles on their website relating to the health benefits of eating nuts, including walnuts and soy nuts.
 Quotes from the Experts
Dr. John Guinard, Assistant Professor at University of California-Davis states that studies have demonstrated that without fat, satiety is impossible (satiety is the feeling of being satisfied or "full" after eating and is a major factor in how much and what quality of foods we choose to eat). Studies have shown that nuts are a good source to help the body reach satiety earlier and thereby consume less food.

"If you like nuts, I say help yourself. Enjoy. Forget the total fat…forget the percentage of calories from fat. Yes, nuts have a lot of oil. But they also happen to have a lot of nutrients that are absolutely essential to a healthy diet. Frankly, we should be encouraging people to eat nuts."
Frank Sacks, Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; taken from an article in Health Magazine, July/August, 1996.
Nuts Fight Heart Disease
Consistently, studies find that nut-eaters have less heart disease. A pioneering 1992 study at Loma Linda University found eating 2 ounces of nuts four or five times a week reduced heart attack risk by 50%.
- Source: USA Weekend - June 23-25.2000
Results from confirmed research strongly suggest that the frequent consumption of nuts protects against the risk of Coronary Heart Disease.
(As reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine 1192 : 152 : 1416-1424)

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